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OUZGANE, Lahoucine
Men in African film & fiction
Lieu : Rochester, NY
Éditeur : James Currey
Année : 2011
ISBN : 9781847015211 ; 184
Pages : 180 p.
Type : Recherche personnelle ou post-doc
Collection, autres éditions : ,
Langue : Anglais

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Through their analysis of the depictions in film and literature of masculinities in colonial, independent and post-independent Africa, the contributors open some key African texts to a more obviously politicized set of meanings. Collectively, the essays provide space for rethinking current theory on gender and masculinity: - how only some of the most popular theories in masculinity studies in the West hold true in African contexts; - how Western masculinities react with indigenous masculinities on the continent; - how masculinity and femininity in Africa seem to reside more on a continuum of cultural practices than on absolutely opposite planes; - and how generation often functions as a more potent metaphor than gender. Lahoucine Ouzgane is Associate Professor of English & Film Studies, University of Alberta, Canada.